Reclaim your sleep using tips based on Chinese medicine and our experience
working with people who have improved their sleep - Absolutely Free!

Sunday, Nov 12th

@ 3:00PM CT

Amy Landolt

Acupuncture Sleep Specialist
What You Will Experience At This Free Workshop:
Learn about the 5 pillars of a good night's sleep in the Get Some Shut Eye method.
Come away with samples of an essential oil blend and a tea created specifically to support restful sleep.

     Practice simple techniques you can apply immediately to fall asleep more quickly and wake feeling more rested.
Amy is a licensed acupuncturist specializing in sleep. She helps people reclaim their sleep using acupuncture, essential oils, herbs, supplements, and lifestyle changes. Amy is passionate about finding natural ways to improve sleep because in 2011, insomnia was impacting her work and personal life. Sleeping pills helped her sleep, but left her feeling groggy. She was frustrated that her doctor's only suggestion was different (and more) pills. It was only after a combination of acupuncture, massage and yoga that she was able to sleep through the night and wake rested and refreshed.

She learned that she needed to take the lead in managing her health and fully leverage all of the natural ways to address any health challenges, and she loves helping others do the same.

What Others Are Saying
Sleeping More Restfully Than Ever
"For about two years now I have been suffering from terrible seasonal allergies that disrupted my sleep. After visiting an allergist, I was able to get that issue under control, however the anxiety of sleep and lack of it still haunted me. I felt like I had tried everything a western doctor would suggest: sleeping tablets, melatonin, setting a bedtime routine, but nothing worked. I told my allergist about this issue and she suggested I try acupuncture by Amy Landolt.

Amy prescribed a holistic regime of meditation, yoga and herbs. The night after my first appointment I slept the most I had in months. After a month of working with Amy, one-to-two-times a week, I am sleeping more restfully than ever.
” P.L.

Excited To Go To Bed
"After my first session, I slept from 12:15 until 6:45am. Wow! A full six and ½ hours. I woke up feeling more rested than I have in about six months. Lack of sleep was leaving me feeling fatigued most of the day, every day. It was hard to focus on any project, personal or professional, to see it through to conclusion. Or if I did, it required more time than ever. I know I was more irritable than usual, too. I had tried sleeping apps, lifestyle changes, and cognitive behavioral techniques. After four sessions, I am sleeping 6-7 hours most nights, which I hadn't for over a year. 

THANK YOU!!! I am now excited to go to bed at night! Often I have a sort of low-level dread as the hour draws nigh! Now I am excited to use my oils, listen to the meditation you suggested, and reclaim my sleep!!!
"  M.M.

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